What is the practice of quantum meditation?

What is the practice of quantum meditation?
Photo by Boris Izmaylov on Unsplash

Quantum meditation uses total stillness to concentrate the mind and emotions, connecting them with the energies of the physical body.

With this type of meditation, practitioners increase their effectiveness in making good decisions, maintain a constant state of contentment, and get rid of stress.

Most of those who have practiced meditation in this way claim that it is beneficial for healing the body from physical ailments.

There is a belief that quantum meditation allows the mind and body to unite, helping the practitioner achieve a state of enlightenment.

Quantum meditation, described by many as an extremely calm but very mindful state, is among the many meditation techniques that are practiced throughout the world. However, it differs from other forms of meditation in that its goal is not only to quiet the mind or induce a state of relaxation, but also to expand one’s consciousness to the level of infinity.

Photo by Boris Izmaylov on Unsplash

Those who practice the quantum type of meditation believe that this practice literally transforms the brain on a chemical and cellular level. These changes allow people to move to a new, higher level of consciousness.

During quantum meditation, when our brain waves move from the beta state, which is our normal waking state, to a relaxed alpha state, our mind is transported into a quantum field.

Quantum practitioners claim that when the mind is in the quantum field, brain cells synchronize, which activates both hemispheres of the brain in sync. This state is also known as “superconsciousness.

People who have studied quantum meditation and use it regularly demonstrate the ability to enter and exit the state of superconsciousness at will without much effort. In doing so, they note a constant state of inner calm that is felt even when they are not in the state of meditation.

Photo by Boris Izmaylov on Unsplash

According to practitioners, one of the most significant results of quantum meditation is the ability to heal illness and gain a deeper understanding of others.

Learning any style of meditation requires concentration, and quantum meditation is no exception.

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